[UltraVid id=6 ]hello my beauties as you can see from the title of this video is something different to what I normally do but because this topic is quite close to my heart I wanted to talk to you guys about it obviously I would like to insert a disclaimer here if you have severe substance addiction it’s very obviously very important to go seek professional help but if you want to find some natural ways or some ways to help you quit smoking then this is definitely a video that you should keep watching we both of us there and tell me like oh I I know someone who’s like like a chimney until and then live till they’re 90 great but I’m here to address the serious problems here which is that there is a strange neuro benefit in smoking the moment that you inhale smoke it damages everything in this way so whether it’s your throat whether it’s your stomach your intestines your skin everything that it touches it is destroying bit by bit I mean if you think about it one of the ingredients in cigarette is rat poison and how is that good for you as young as when I was like four or five five or six years old my dad marks like a chimney where he would smoke at least three packets a day and I still remember this is obviously back in China I would actually hire two cigarettes from him by putting in the microwave he got so mad he couldn’t find them that eventually like I gave in and told him where it was wasn’t really quite sure what the damage is we’re brand new they were bad food because all the way is smell because it doesn’t smell Pleasant so today I’m going to share with you my top ten tips on how to stop smoking number one is write down why you want to quit and what the benefits of quitting can give you so you need to actually physically see point by point the reasons why you should stop smoking whether it’s for your health whether it’s for your wallet whether it’s for your family for your friends your loved ones there are reasons why you should stop smoking because it could be as simple as I want to be able to talk normally again I want to be able to taste food again I want to be able to sing again if these reasons that matter – don’t need to write them down because you need to look at them every day and remind you why you couldn’t and at the same time you can look at all the benefits that you’d be getting if you quit smoking then from all the money that you’ve been buying the cigarettes from you can now buy something that you actually like and actually need number two is that a day for when you want to quit and make sure you stick to it and only that tell everyone about it so you’re like I’m going to put on such a date and you know tell your loved ones the family everyone can get involved and help you and push you through it because by that faith you want to make sure that you are completely rid of smoking and the urge and wanting to because you’ve got yourself a goal got yourself a deadline you make sure you work towards that goal number three is obviously get rid of all your cigarettes your ashtrays your lighters your matches anything cigarette related some of the things that you might be getting a quite expensive on it I’ve seen like those like luxury brand is cigarette packets holders some of those like ladders of roses personal fellows try and get rid of them give them away or sell them on eBay whatever you have to do to get rid of them just get rid of anything that has to do with cigarette number four is avoid doing activities that make you want to smoke so if you are the type of person that way it likes to smoke after at big mill then stop eating big meals or if you’re the type of person to like socially when you hang out with some friends then kind of stop seeing those friends for a while whether it’s you know going to bars and like nightclubs and things like that try to avoid those areas for for the time being we try to get rid of the habit of smoking in those environments instead go to places where you know you can’t smoke so like museums or like the library anywhere that says no smoking number five take nice long warm baths whether it’s a bubble bath or where they’re just a relaxing kind of bath because it would tell me have you urge or you want to smoke taking a bath will actually also simulate the relaxing feel that you might have when you’re smoked the same thing just take a hot warm shower as well because I will also help you it also cleanses you makes you feel like you’re doing something active when you have a shower or when you want to take a one bath it stimulates the endorphins in their bodies and we feel happier and that will also come back the urge to want to smoke number six is eating a lot of foods that contain vitamins and minerals like fresh vegetables and fresh fruit vitamin D is really good because not only is it helped to give you that calming effect but it also gets rid of the nicotine in the body vitamin C also is great because it protects our lungs which are the first things to get damaged in the process of smoking also you have a lot of protein because protein will help the concentration and serotonin to make you feel good number seven is exercise whether it is jogging walking running swimming anything to speed up the heart rate make you want to do something more active go to yoga classes sweat it out go to the gym or go do saunas basically anything to make you want to sweat and active or go take classes or Zumba classes or is something different like meditate where you need to just calm your inner self you need to clear out your thoughts get rid of stress what I was making you want to slow mentally picture that removing it from your body removing it from your from your realm and just get rid of that so that will also help you know put you in a more calm and peaceful mindset number eight is lime juice and this is so random but life years have been proved to be equally effective it’s not more than chewing nicotine gum so if you ever feel the urge or wanting to smoke you can try having a lime juice like drink or a lime juice product whether it’s a candy you dessert or a lime juice anything related like that so I like to lose one juice and have that in my water anyways because I feel like that just makes the water taste better lime juice is great for help with digestion and detoxing as well so I drink limes on a regular basis anyways but just make sure that you put lime juice with all your foods for that week or that month because that will also help you get rid of that crave number nine is my favorite one is which is basically from all the money that you saved from on cigarettes you can reward yourself at the end so either go out and get a gift for yourself or booked a trip that you wanted to go or whether it’s spoiling that loved one that you know has supported you throughout this whole thing or anything that’s nice and special to you I feel like having that reward at the end makes it all worthwhile and it just kind of makes you appreciate the process and makes you appreciate what it’s like to have all that extra money my last tip is some pressure points [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] if you have watch this video from beginning to end then you have definitely progressed in your process of wanting to quit some of you guys might not even be smokers but make sure you share this video to someone that you care about I hope you guys had a lovely week and think you guys for watching and I will see you in my next video bye

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