Best Tools

WordPress Themes

Azonauthoritythe heme I use for almost all of my recent Amazon Affiliate sites. The theme excels at intuitively guiding users to click over to Amazon. Experienced Amazon sellers know that is a BEAST at converting visitors into sales. In fact, just thinking about Amazon has almost caused me to jump over there and make a handful of unnecessary purchases. <== If I went through your affiliate link, you’d get credit for all the sales. Amazon’s GREAT for selling. This themes AWESOME at getting visitors there. Featured in this video.

Covert Video Press – Creates stellar video sites in a less than an hour that bring in TONS of autopilot visitors. I use (and recommend) these sites as a way to siphon free traffic to your affiliate sites. OR… I use these sites to collect leads or use direct affiliate links. In any case, building a valuable virtual property in less than an hour is a pretty fricken fantastic result IMO. Featured in this video.

WP Profit Builder  – The theme I use for this blog. Works well for a blogging type site. The kind of theme I also use for affiliate sites. For authority sites – it looks beautiful!


WP Profit Builder – This plugin helps (nay does-for-me) all my landing pages and sales pages. Once you graduate newbie status, and move into more intermediate-advanced marketing strategies, having a tool like Wp Profit Builder is a must. See the full review here.

Social Locker – I provide exclusive resources and video downloads for some tutorials in exchange for a social share. I use this plugin to do that.

WordPress SEO – Hands down the best SEO plugin. Adds a bunch of things like authorship markup, Facebook/Twitter markup, sitemaps, breadcrumbs & more!

Comment Reply Notification – Although it hasn’t been updated in a while this simple plugin allows commenter’s to get an email when someone replies to their comment brining them back to the blog to continue the conversation.

Q2W3 Fixed Widget – Use this plugin to make any of your sidebar widgets ‘sticky’ and follow users down the page as they scroll.

Keyword Research

Long Tail Pro (Free trial available) – This Keyword tool specializes at speed, and filters that find the EXACT keywords that are easy to rank. Just enter your seed keyword(s) and it will find every related keyword, their search volumes and how competitive the search results are. Featured in this video.

Traffic Generation

BuzzBundle – This is what I’ve used to increase my traffic by over 600% in the last three months… NO JOKE!! In fact, this has turned into my ONLY traffic generation strategy for my YouTube channel. No link building or SEO, just directly engaging my audience. You can see Buzzbundle featured in this video.

Google Alerts – This free Google tool can also be worthwhile to find conversations to engage in. Easily insert your target keywords, and Google will notify you when noteworthy pages are created.

Solo Ads Group – The easiest way to get traffic, is to just go to the traffic store and buy it. Solo ads are a pretty cheap source. The avg. price is around .40 per click. Your task is to create a funnel that makes more than $1/subscriber. If you can do that, then you only need to convert 30% of clicks into subs.

Social Signals

SociSynd ($1 trial) – You can easily order and drip feed a range of social signals to your sites. Right now SociSynd supports a range of social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter & more. Everything is managed through a simple interface and full reports are included.

Fiverr – Some great gigs for getting likes and tweets about your site. I used Synnd for my money sites and Fiverr gigs to give my key tier 1 properties social signals.

Article Spinning

The Best Spinner (Trial available) – This really is The Best Spinner. An absolutely essential piece software that is cheap and easy to use. It is also integrated into tools like Kontent Machine to auto spin content. Everyone needs this. Used in my advanced spinning tutorial.

Social & Subscriber Management

BuzzBundle (Free version available) – This is also featured in the traffic generation category but is a superb social media management tool as well.


Aweber (Trial available) – The best autoresponder service I’ve ever tried. First month is 100% free. I’ve tried GetResponse, Constant Contact, ArpReach, MailChimp, etc… Aweber is my #1 favourite.

List Spark – List building on steroids. Uses viral technology to enable over 100% opt-in rates on landing pages. How the heck can you get over 100%?! Check out my review here.

WP Profit Builder – This plugin helps (nay does-for-me) all my landing pages and sales pages. Once you graduate newbie status, and move into more intermediate-advanced marketing strategies, having a tool like Wp Profit Builder is a must. See the full review here.


Traffic Planet Hosting – Started migrated websites over to this host after hearing stories about exceptional site speed. Matt Cutts has hinted for years that site speed has a very significant impact on where a site ranks in the search listings. This hosting costs a little extra over the popular providers like HostGator and Bluehost. Worthwhile if you have websites that get a good amount of visitors per month.

HostGator – Of all the mainstream hosting services I’ve tested, HostGator and Bluehost are the best. I’ve had many a horror story with a bunch of the second-tier services. These are the best “bang for your buck hosting suppliers.” I feature HostGator in this video.

BlueHost – As Mentioned in the HostGator description, Bluehost is pretty much the same kinda deal. Both offer good hosting packages with excellent customer service. You really just need to pick one and roll with it. Both are comparable. Flip a coin and continue!!

Domain Registrars

NameSilo – Very IMPORTANT to use a Domain Registrar. Not only is it a bit cheaper, but it’s also a lot more safe. Only way to have 100% control of your domain names. NameSilo is my #1 choice.