[UltraVid id=3 ]and what is up everybody and welcome back to the Michael Warbucks show today I felt like do is I’m a little bit more personal that’s why I am in front of this camera and not my green-screen this video stems from a couple of messages that I’ve gotten over the past couple of weeks on Twitter and also via my YouTube personal things and it’s saying hey Mike how is your weight loss going best you can see it’s going terrible with the be honest with you at my lowest I was down 12 pounds but then like everything just plateau and the reason behind that is what stems today’s video and that is because of a bad habit that I have had I even talked about this bad habit that I’ve had on any of these channels and it was that I was a smoker I quit smoking about two months ago and it has been the best decision that I’ve ever made I knew it was a great time to quit whenever like I would run out of breath just going to the bathroom I knew for me to lose more weight I was going to have to be healthier and be able to breathe so I could exercise more since I have quit smoking I have made little adjustments in my life to get a little bit more exercise like I have fired my landscaper and I have decided to cut the grass and I didn’t even get a self-propelled mower I got a push one because I knew it’d be more difficult man that was a bad decision now that I’ve told you a little bit about my story to any of you that are viewers of mine that do smoke I want to tell you how I quit smoking in 12 hours yes 12 hours believe it or not seriously now since I don’t have a traditional Monday through Friday job I’m going to tell you that maybe you should just start by taking Friday off and worried about Friday Saturday and Sunday because it takes about 72 hours to get most of the nicotine out of your system and trust me you’re going to need 3 Stressless days and trying to do it while you’re working right is even gonna be like the best idea ever so how did I quit in 12 hours first things first I did not like say I am going to quit smoking on March 15th I didn’t I didn’t do that at all I was in my garage I was having my cigarette and halfway through it I’m just like this sucks just stopped now the reason I say twelve hours is because that happened at about 9 o’clock at night and just for the fun of it we’ll say it was Thursday so Thursday 9 o’clock at night and I was like well since I don’t really do any videos on Friday I’m just gonna sleep in so I just had to wait like two more hours until I actually fell asleep and the sad thing is I didn’t fall asleep till almost 1 o’clock so I was about 4 hours which was actually better for me because the next day I really didn’t get up till about like 9:00 9:30 so right then and there I had already gone 12 hours without smoking so in my brain I’m thinking well if it’s 72 hours to get all the nicotine out of my system if I can spend at least thirty six of that sleeping that’s gonna help me out tremendously so all I had to do was spend 12 waking hours on Friday Saturday and Sunday which is 36 hours trying to uh you know keep my mind off the smoker so I woke up in like 9:30 in the morning and my first thought really was Mike you’ve just gone 12 hours let’s see if you can least make it till noon so that day I woke up took a leak wet and go made coffee and I just heard up and sat in this chair and just engulfed myself in YouTube videos for like 4 hours straight I kept myself busy once I got done watching the YouTube videos it was like one o’clock 1:30 and I was like okay I kind of need a cigarette right now what am I gonna do and this is where I knew I should have probably went out and bought like carrots celery stuff like that because oh let’s go have a sandwich so all I had to do is keep going every couple of hours okay I made it till noon let’s try 3 o’clock let’s try 6 o’clock okay I made it to 9 o’clock ok it’s not a clock I have gone 24 hours already so then again adding up in my brain okay I’ve gone 24 hours all I had to do is go another 24 waking hours and I literally did this 12 hours at a time and I will say after the third day I truthfully definitely still wanted a cigarette I still want a cigarette right now but now it’s a goal that it’s like alright I’ve gone this long let me go another day let me go another day let me go a week and like now I am in month mode where I can’t wait to go to like my dentist in July so yeah I quit smoking now you can finally stop yelling at me about it it is difficult trust me and if you end up having us right that’s cool just start over and believe me having a quit date really isn’t great because you’re like forcing yourself to just do something that you don’t want to do let your body and your brain just say all right today is the day I am done smoking I need to save some money so I can go on vacation whatever it may be do yourself a favor remove all the cigarettes from your car hide your ashtrays or put them somewhere where you don’t really feel like going to get it and I’m not going to tell you to throw out your cigarettes just kind of keep them and then when you look at it you can say you know what I am beating you right now it’s kind of like that I like that metaphor in The Fault in Our Stars if any of you have ever seen that movie it can’t kill me if I don’t light it whenever that line was so if you’re planning on quitting trust me plan ahead and come up with some activities to do whenever you get the urges I don’t know maybe watch youtube videos maybe go for a walk go for a drive whatever it is to get your brain off Nick I know this video has gone long but the rent is all up I just want to say that I have felt a significantly better after two months of not smoking before I would get severe acid indigestion and just all kinds of terribleness that would keep me up at night I haven’t had that sense I can actually play street hockey or whatever it is without wanting to fall over and die and now that I have quit smoking and it has been two months I am excited to get back into the wonderful world of you know going outside getting some exercise getting back to losing some of this weight again so if you want to quit smoking please follow me on Twitter or follow me on Facebook whatever it is tweet me like whenever you’ve reached your little goals like hey Mike I’ve hit 72 hours hey Mike I’ve hit a week hey Mike I’ve hit a month let me know all that fun stuff because I would just congratulate you and if you have tried to quit cold-turkey or use like smoking hypnosis or smoking like meditation may be smoking motivation and none of that worked I’ve given you a link down in the description below hopefully that will help you and you can set up I got timeline or whatever it is about how you want to quit smoking and things like that hopefully it helps you out as well alright guys that’s gonna be today’s show it feels a whole lot better letting you know all about this trust me uh so this is gonna bring us to the comment question of the day which is you tried smoking have you tried to stop smoking and how was your results let me know also don’t forget to subscribe this channel for more awesome stuff that we talked about check out yesterday’s show over there and check out my gaming channel over there and you guys have a great day stay awesome and thank you for watching

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