[UltraVid id=5 ]hey youtube welcome to the most amazing top five ride breakdown the world in a brilliant top five list my name is Michael McCracken sit back subscribe and let me entertain you first off I want to hear from you guys what do you think about smokers if you’re not a smoker be sure to share this video with a friend or family member who you think should quit they might thank you one day okay let’s jump into our list top five foods to help you quit smoking in the number one spot we have water yeah simple h2 izzle’ your body becomes dehydrated when you smoke refill your body back to normal and flush out that nicotine by drinking lots and lots of water you should be drinking like eight glasses a day anyway so flush that nicotine out in the number four spot we have the kiwifruit smoking reduces your vitamin A C & E there are a few food options on the planet that pack will hold out of these three quite like the Kiwi it’s good fruit to dig on it in the number three spot we have orange juice this one will help you with quitting because it has proven to be a stress reliever it also boosts your metabolism so if you’re worried about putting on weight when you quit smoking well this one’s a double threat next up at number three we have two green guys I’m talking about spinach and I’m talking about broccoli spinach is rich in folic acid and packs tons of vitamins broccoli restores to reduce levels of vitamin b5 and C in the body technically if it’s green it is good for you so um go ahead I know broccoli sucks but whatever you’re quitting smoking finally in the number one spot we have carrot juice not only to smoking make you stink it gives you yellow teeth on top of all that it also ages you yeah it’s bad for the skin carrot juice is your best remedy which contains large amounts of vitamin A K C and B it’s also proven to effectively remove nicotine from your body there you have it ladies and gentlemen another double win Wow alright guys so if you’re not a smoking yourself be sure to share this video with a smoker that you know because they might thank yet and they should be quitting anyway but I’m spiteful god thanks for watching the most amazing top 5 we pump out six videos a week there’s a few floating around my head so be sure to check on those out and also subscribe to the channel bye bye let’s go figure out just like quitting smoking

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